Monday, August 6, 2012

Canned Fruit and Preserves

      Fill your pantry with canned goodness!

      Most of us can remember walking into our grandmothers, or in my case Momo's, fruit cellar or pantry and just be in awe at all the fresh and colorful canned fruit and vegetables. I mean lets face it it is not the same looking at an aluminum can with a picture of what is to be inside. I for one like to see what the product looks like before i purchase it.
      We would always grow a huge garden and eat as much as we could when it was fresh picked, talk about organic. Then as things started ripening faster and before it went to seed us kids and mom would go spend hours  picking the bushes clean, good times. Mom would get started on washing the hundreds of quart jars as us kids would snap the beans or play while mom and grandma did them, we were kids after all. My dad always had this sayin' he would bring out of the closest every year about this time. "Son, when it comes to the garden you eat what you can, can what you can't, then eat what you canned". Makes sense and I love my dad but you know how many times I've heard it.
      Well now you don't have to pick the fruit, clean the jars or steam up the whole house (in the middle of summer) trying to can your own preserves. From canned peaches, pears, dilled green beans, marinated mushrooms, sweet pickles to jams, jellies, marinades and even dressings you can see it in the jars and find it at Melvin's Fir Street Market.

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