Organic and Natural Deli Foods Made Fresh and From Scratch in Our Kitchen at Melvin's Market 

Are you on a road-trip? Are you heading to the slopes or a nearby lake or hiking trail? Are you taking care of the family and forgot to pack your own lunch?

Pick up a quick lunch, a smoothie and something sweet. It is all made fresh daily and packaged ready to go or you may have it made your way while you shop and discover all the great thing you'll find at Melvin's "Fir Street Market. And after a hard day treat yourself to a ready-made dinner with all of the fixin's from appetizers to dessert. Not only can we offer you delicious smoothies salads, soups, sandwiches, dips, entrees and more, we can even make you something to order.

 Remember Melvin's Market in Sisters, Oregon for natural and organic foods that nourish your busy life.