Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Natural Organic Health Food Store in Sisters, Oregon

Yes, there is a real Melvin! Melvin's Market in Sisters, Oregon is a family owned health food market, deli and winebar. It's a cozy store with basic natural food groceries, produce, meats, supplements and bulk foods. Melvin's also offers made fresh and from-scratch deli items like enchiladas, quinoa salad, wild rice salad,  stews, soups, salads, local artisan breads, and more.

Stop on my Melvin's Market for a Super-Green's Smoothie with extra protein for your morning serving for fruits and vegies.  After a hard day, drop by in the afternoon and pick up a entree for your evening meal.

Your family will love the fresh food and fabulous flavors, you'll love how easy it is to heat and serve healthy food made with local and natural ingredients.

Melvin's Natural Organic Deli, Wine Bar and Market, 160 S. Fir Street, Sisters, Oregon 541-549-0711